Enterprise culture

    Enterprise vision: temperature and humidity control brand of cultural and museum collection environment.

    Enterprise mission: driven by professional technology, to provide customers with professional solutions.

    Corporate values: integrity, responsibility, win-win

    Integrity: Seek truth from facts and keep promises.

    Responsibility: Abide by the spirit of contract, the courage to bear social responsibility.

    Win-Win: Realize win-win situation for customers, society, staff and enterprise.

Corporate Advantages

    1、brand service

    FURUIDA FURUIDA has a strong temperature and humidity control products expert consultant team, with more than 10 years of practical experience in temperature and humidity control, is the industry's temperature and humidity control experts.

    2、brand quality

    FURUIDA FURUIDA to the development of standard organizations, more than 120 production, management, operation and 86 assembly line operation process management system, the full implementation of zero-defect production management objectives.

    3、After-sales service

    FURUIDA has a perfect after-sales service system, to provide customers with pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, each employee has gone through a long period of technical training, to ensure that customers design a reasonable / economic project program.

    4、R&D Innovation

    FURUIDA has cash professional production equipment and rich manufacturing experience, constantly upgrading and innovating products and improving service level, aiming to provide customers with superior performance products and perfect service.

    Management philosophy: standardize business processes, positive incentives to guide, constraints on non-compliance, synergistic symbiosis.

    Service concept: your satisfaction, my responsibility.

    Talent concept: respect for talent, not stick to one pattern, make the best use of talent.

    Product philosophy: professional, focused, forward-looking, innovative.

    Market concept: independent research and development, mastery of the core, quality wins, mutual benefit and win-win situation.